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“Blossoming into a woman with more faith than fear”


This is for the most part, the workings of my minds heart. I have always loved writing. Probably for many of the common reasons that writers write. For me, I see things others may bypass, dismiss or simply not care about. Living in such a modern world and relishing history, traditions, art, books and all the sacred things of yesteryear that are mostly forgotten makes one feel out of place, even saddened. So this is the place I shall express the things I hold dear to me and share them with whomever wants to take the time to observe them.

What you can expect here in my little place are personal writings, poems, book and art appreciation, the importance of history, my travel experiences, beauty and lifestyle and frankly whatever I feel to share!

Where does the name of my blog come from? What does it mean? Firstly, the term Beauty is referring to the beauty that I reach for and capture in my life. Its the wonderful moments that life blesses me and perhaps you with. My Bible based faith and beliefs. The beauty of learning, travel, enjoying, forgiveness, creating your path, enduring despite worries and tribulations, the breeze of a crisp autumn morning and other wonderful simplicities, the feeling of love and contentment. The discovery of becoming who you are and disregarding what others believe you should be. I am also a qualified Beauty Therapist and will love to share my knowledge of that passion with you! Secondly, The Chronic Beast. I live with a chronic illness called Lyme Disease. It affects me daily with many other attachments. Depression, anxiety, fatigue, self loathing. The worst parts of my mind are like a ravishing beast constantly trying to devour what soul I have left within me after years of torment from physical disabilities. Loss, betrayal, perfectionism, doubt, and all the things we humans face throughout life. I cant promise sunflowers and constant positivity here. It is a reality of life. I can promise that.

I truly appreciate you being here. Its you whom I’m reaching out to encourage and support. If only you are one person, than my goal of being here has been accomplished.

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With all my love, enjoy your stay here.



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